About Us

Apart from being a racing driver, i am above all a great lover of the motor car.

After to race 25 years at the hight level, i decided to embark on a new challenge by creating my own organization and a NASCAR racing team. Its name, SPEEDHOUSE.

This involves passing on a much emotion,

Excellence, Passion, Team Spirit, Good-Times,

Symbolism and values as SPEEDHOUSE has the drive and ambition to do.

This racing team will allow you to experience special moments as well as organizing your regular events, days to remembered and every kind of varied activity linked to the motor car.

SPEEDHOUSE will provide you with a flexible organisation as well as bespoke services to enhance your events.

All that is required on your parts is shared love of motor cars.

Let me extend an invitation to discover our organisation, our NASCAR racing team and the wide spectrum of events and activities contained within it.


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